Overall Timeline

  • Year 1 (2011): Content Model Phase
    • Define model of domain learning in math/ELA for these students, Identify prioritized content for assessment
  • Year 2 (2012): Principled Design Phase
    • Design patterns, Task templates, Curriculum/Instruction/PD design and pilot; Technology architecture design
  • Year 3 (2013): Item and Test Development Phase
    • Task template tryouts, Item specifications/item development/item reviews, Student Interaction Studies (SIS), Draft grade level Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs), Finalize pilot and field test design, Technology build
  • Year 4 (2014): Pilot Items, Field Test Forms, and Research Phase
    • Winter/Spring 2014: Pilot Phase 1: National sample, generate item statistics
      Finalize blueprints, revise items, assemble forms
    • Fall 2014: Phase 2: Field Test Forms
      Finalize administration training and supports
  • Year 5 (2015): Operational Administration of NCSC Assessments
    • Summer 2015: Standard setting complete
    • Fall 2015: Technical reporting complete