NCSC Releases the Teacher Perceptions of Students Participating in AA-AAS: Cross-State Summary Report

If the NCSC GSEG AA-AAS is to be effectively implemented, teachers must instruct students in academic content areas and value inclusion of students in large-scale assessment systems. Ensuring teachers have the professional development to meet this expectation is an important part of the implementation of the NCSC curriculum and assessment system. This report summarizes the findings of a survey developed to collect data from teachers in all 18 core partner NCSC states to evaluate teachers’ beliefs and perceptions (a) about students who participate in AA-AAS, (b) appropriate instruction for these students, and (c) their post-school outcome goals. Results from the survey will be used to guide professional development and consideration will be given to the findings when developing instructional resources designed for teacher use. The implications address three areas for consideration: 1) teacher experience and inclusive practices, 2) professional development, and 3) post-school outcomes. For further information on findings and implications, please download the report below.