NCSC Releases Paper on AA-AAS and College and Career Ready Standards

In this research/policy paper, we explicate the relationship between what alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards (AA-AAS) are intended to measure (i.e., grade-level content knowledge in math and language arts) and the concept of college and career readiness. We discuss: (a) how a well-designed AA-AAS based on the CCSS addresses important dimensions of college and career readiness for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities; and (b) how practitioners can identify those essential elements of college and career readiness that are not within the scope of even the best designed AA-AAS. We base our discussion on the approach of the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC), which is building an assessment as one integral part of a well-aligned, evidence-based system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

AA-AAS College and Career Ready Standards PDF