NCSC Releases the Development and Design of the Summative Assessment RFP

The National Center and State Collaborative (“NCSC”) General Supervision Enhancement Grant (“GSEG”) Project  is seeking proposals from qualified Vendors (“Vendors”) to supply professional services to:

  1. Finalize and document the test design, test specifications, and test blueprint for the summative assessment in English Language Arts (“ELA”) and mathematics
  2. Develop and implement plan for conducting cognitive labs in spring 2013   
  3. Develop and implement plan for conducting pilot testing in spring 2014
  4. Develop and implement plan for conducting census field testing in spring 2015
  5. Conduct data reviews and revise items as needed following pilot and census field testing
  6. Conduct standard setting following spring 2015 census field test
  7. Produce technical documentation for each project activity to include comprehensive technical manual by December 2015
  8. Serve as ‘operational manager’ for all aspects of the project related to development and implementation of the summative assessment  

The successful Vendor will provide the above mentioned services for both English Language Arts and mathematics, grades 3 through 8 and one high school grade, grade 11.

Organizations interested in bidding should indicate their intent by November 20th, 2012.

Proposals are due December 5th, 2012.

Full RFP PDF (this is a large document that may take a minute or more to download)

Appendix 1 - NCSC Background PDF

Appendix 2 - Design Pattern Example PDF

Appendix 3 - Task Template Example PDF