For States Not Part of Our NCSC Consortium: Tier II State Partnership

We know that states that are not part of the alternate assessment consortia are exploring options for future partnership. If you believe that high quality curricular and instructional materials and supportive professional development are key components of a comprehensive assessment system, you may want to explore becoming a NCSC Tier II state partner. Tier II states will develop an individualized plan to implement the NCSC professional development and curriculum/instruction resources, including formative assessment strategies and progress monitoring tools. This will prepare both teachers and students for the summative assessment once our project is complete, if you choose to join the state governance group that will manage the project assessment system post-project.

NCSC does not charge any fee for Tier II association, but does not provide staff support other than the actual ready-to-implement products and processes as well as tools and protocols used for providing beta-test feedback. Costs for implementing these resources will vary by state, depending on existing structures and resources to support implementation of the plan. In states with existing professional development, training, and support networks, it is possible to integrate our tools seamlessly, depending on your state goals.

Interested states should contact the NCSC Project Director, Rachel Quenemoen, at She will work with you to review our current project materials after a simple confidentiality agreement is in place. We ask that state partners from assessment and special education be involved; our project Theory of Action requires that the approach to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development be consistent with state goals. All applications for Tier II status must be complete by September 1, 2012, in order to ensure comprehensive beta-testing participation and timely feedback.

Once a state decides they are ready to commit to our approach, a simple letter from the Chief State School Officer or appropriate designee should verify the commitment to our approach, agree to implement all of our resources, and describe very simply how you plan to deliver the information to the field. In most states, that will be a description of your current approach to support to the field, and how our materials will be incorporated. You may optionally request that your state be included in conversations about how to take the project products and processes, including the summative test, into the future beyond the duration of this grant. We anticipate the states will explore some type of governance structure to own and improve the products over time, and some Tier II states would like to be part of those discussions immediately. For more information, click here (PDF).