Amendment to RFP-2013-03-01 Posted, Includes New Response and Deliverables Dates

National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) is amending RFP #2013-03-01.  This amendment, Amendment No. 1, addresses an important update to the terms and requirements of the original RFP specifically related to Section 3.2.9, Open Source Solution, as described below.  NCSC has also established new response dates and deliverable dates as indicated. Please visit our Procurement page for more information on this RFP.

NCSC welcomes new respondents to submit proposals or offerors who previously submitted proposals to revise (if desired) and resubmit their proposals.  A Vendor that does not want to revise its previously submitted proposal must advise NCSC of that fact.  In all cases, a Vendor submitting a new proposal or a revised proposal, or a Vendor that does not want to revise its proposal, must in writing acknowledge receipt of and agree to the terms of this Amendment No. 1.

Amendment 1 to RFP-2013-03-01 PDF